No matter where you come from or where you’re going,
No matter what you believe or what you doubt.
No matter what you feel or don’t feel today.
You are welcome into this space to be met by
a God who knows you by name,
Who knows your heart, who knows your mind, and
Who wants to be in a relationship with you.

We respect the dignity of every human being by welcoming, validating, and supporting all persons, whatever their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, health status, physical ability, marital status, or stage of spiritual journeying.



For your information

8:00 am and 10:30 am Sunday services will continue to be held onsite. The 10:30 am service will be livestreamed on Facebook. Bulletins are posted here and on our Facebook page. Click here for the August 16th bulletin.


Vacation:  Rev Debra will be on vacation from July 19 - Aug 16. We will continue on Sundays with Morning Prayer led by others at both services. Pastor Christine will be available to us during this time, especially as needed for pastoral care. You can reach her at home (better reception) at 530-621-2297, by cell at 916-704-8698, or email at leighta@mcn.org. She will be working in the office on Wednesday mornings.

Sabbatical:  Deacon Steve has begun his sabbatical. He is taking this time for reflection, rest, and renewal. While remaining a member of our parish, he will not be in church. If you see him around town be sure to say hello.

Rev. Debra Does Podcasting!  Rev. Debra interviewed Hudson Mathews, grandson of Ed and Sandy Mathews, about his experience participating in El Dorado High School's production of the play "The Laramie Project”. Click here to watch it on YouTube. If this technology works smoothly, Rev. Debra plans to use it as a way to re-start the Forum on Facebook and through email classes.

Communion:  Rev. Debra is planning to start having communion when she returns from vacation in August. For those who join online she asks that you get bread and wine or grape juice to join us. Rev. Debra will provide prayers for you to use at home for an Agape Meal like the ones that were held by early Christians, and later developed into the service of Holy Communion.

Help Needed:  Some of us have returned to our church for in person services but a number of us are not yet comfortable with leaving home. That has left us short of the hands needed on Sunday. We urgently need volunteers for ushering and reading the lessons at both services. We need persons willing to sanitize in the sanctuary and the downstairs bathroom after the 8:30 service. If you are willing to help with ushering or being part of the sanitation team, please contact Rev. Debra. We also need some volunteers at the 10:30 service to read the Prayers of the People that are written by members of our congregation for each Sunday's service .If you can help with this reading, please contact Lee Weikert at 644-0382 or eklktcwe@earthlink.net.

Safety:  We will continue to require the wearing of masks in church for the entire service. You may bring your own or we will provide a disposable one,We must maintain social distancing following Diocesan guidelines. There will be no communion or coffee hour for the time being. The surfaces in the church will be sanitized before each service. To read the Diocesan guidelines, Regathering with Safety and Care, click this link: http://www.norcalepiscopal.org/Websites/newnorcalepiscopal/images/Regathering%20with%20Safety%20and%20Care.pdf

Concert on YouTube: Dennis Johnson, occasional pianist at Our Saviour and contributor to our booklet of Lenten reflections, performs a benefit concert annually for Spirit In Action. This year the concert will not be at the Johnson's home, but is available on YouTube under "Dennis Johnson, Piano, House Concert" or at www.spiritinaction.org/piano. There are two parts, each around half an hour long. Spirit in Action provides community grants and small business loans in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Burundi to reduce poverty, increase prosperity, and change communities for the better. You may make a donation to Spirit in Action, PO Box 3384 Santa Cruz, CA 95063.

Timely Webinar: Pastor Christine is one of the presenters for this four-part Webinar:
 A Perfect Storm: Mental Health in the Collision of Pandemics

The “Noon-time Brown Bag” sessions take place on Zoom at 12:00 pm on August 5th, August 19th, September 2nd, and September 16th.

If a small number of us from Our Saviour take this class, we might have a group discussion at the conclusion. There is no cost to participate but pre-registration is required. For more information contact Susan Wahlstrom at wahlstrom@volcano.net or (209) 304-8321. To register, email Ann Stoltz at ann.stoltz@tu.edu

"Welcome All Artists!"

Even though the Womens' Retreat this Fall has been postponed, we are still holding the "Womens' Art Show for Advent" and asking that you share your many talents to express the feeling and idea of Advent. We’re sure that Advent this year will hold a special meaning for all of us. Kathy Fritschi will be displaying our creations on October 1, 2020, in the Parish Hall.

All mediums are welcome, paper, canvas, clay, handwork, carving, sculpting, photography, poetry….. any of the many ways we express ourselves. Kathy is doing a portrait of herself and her favorite things, Sylvia and I are doing a fabric art piece, and Betsy may write a song.

Please let Kathy know how you want to participate. Contact her at (530) 651-4056 or t.fritschi@comcast.net.

We hold you all in prayer, Leslyn

  August 2020  
Values, Purpose and Vision: Who are we?

Since November, a group of us, gathered by Rev. Debra, has been meeting with a consultant to engage in a visioning process to identify what is most important for us as members of Church of Our Saviour, both now and in the future. Our consultant was David Lopez, who works with non-profits and has led similar groups, most notably at Holy Trinity, Cameron Park where he served as Parish Life Director for 14 years. We began by looking at the gifts and strengths within our congregation while also acknowledging our weaknesses.

We then applied these gifts and strengths to identify those core values that are truly most important to us in our parish. Through an open, honest and always courteous exchange of ideas, we took several months to agree on those values and write a single sentence description encapsulating the meaning of each for us. The COVID stay-at-home ordinance meant that we couldn’t meet face-to-face and extended the time for this endeavor, but possibly that extended time let the ideas rattle around in our heads a bit longer, so that when we came together again over Zoom, we could move ahead quickly. In June, seven months after the process began, we agreed on the list of values with a simple description of each. Out of that list, it was fairly easy to state our purpose and vision.

The next step is to share our work with everyone in our congregation for your comments. The final product will be posted on our web page as an introduction to seekers and newcomers. Copies will be posted around our church as reminders for all of us. Moving forward we hope it will guide our decisions.

One participant speaks from our group: “I was honored to be included in the Visioning Process. The courageous and respectful environment of our exchanges was most heartening, and I pray our work will bear fruit for some time.”

Values and Descriptions

  • Our core values remind us what matters most at Our Saviour.
  • Our values keep us focused on achieving our purpose.
  • They direct major leadership decisions, as well as the daily work of our ministries.
  • They shape what we do – and who we are – together as disciples of Christ.

Authentic: We are a community of the Spirit of God.

Rooted: We are rooted in Holy Scripture, history, traditions, sacraments and worship.

Christ-centered: We strive to encounter and emulate Jesus Christ.

Inviting: We seek out and invite all to this holy work.

Welcoming: We welcome all whom God has created, extending hospitality and compassion to them.

Relevant: We engage the world in which we live with the love of Christ.

Serving: We share the love of Christ through our service with others in our parish, neighborhoods and the world.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose explains why we (the Church of Our Saviour) exists.

To proclaim the presence and love of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who transform and give meaning to our lives.


Our vision answers, "What will Our Saviour look like when/if we are successful at achieving your purpose?"

Church of Our Saviour is a vibrant Episcopal parish known for ongoing spiritual formation and engagement with our community and the world.

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