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The Power of Simple Words

A February Forum on the power of simple words

A few months ago my spiritual “companion” (also called a spiritual director) gave me a wonderful book: “Word by Word: a daily spiritual practice.” The author is Marilyn McEntyre, who teaches  medical humanities at UC Berkeley.

McEntyre explores 15 simple words or short phrases, all verbs, each one for a week, with a meditation on a different aspect of that word each day of that week.  Rev. Debra and I both thought it would be a very fruitful topic for two Sunday forums.  The church bought several copies, which we have in the Parish Hall if you are interested in purchasing it.  The price is $13.00.

Here are the 15 words: Listen, Receive, Enjoy, Let Go, Watch, Accept, Resist, Allow, Be Still, Follow, Rejoice, Ask, Dare, Leave, and Welcome. Each one comes with seven days of short but meaty reflections. Rereading them is as rewarding as the first encounter.

The first forum will be Sunday Feb. 12 – three weeks from now – at 9:30 am. I propose that we read the meditations on the word “Enjoy” ahead of that session, and we can share some of our reactions. For the second forum, I suggest the words “Let Go.”  But the group could choose something else, or several words.

To whet your appetite, here are the seven meditation titles, each beginning with “enjoy,” for that word: “Enjoy the moment, the process, the company you encounter, the body you live in, others’ gifts, those you were given to love, the long journey.”

Pastor Christine Leigh-Taylor