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8:00 am ~ Rite I service

10:30 am ~ Rite II service

2979 Coloma St.

PO Box 447

Placerville, CA

(530) 622-2441

Fax: (530) 642-8823

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We respect the dignity of every human being by welcoming, validating, and supporting all persons, whatever their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, health status, physical ability, marital status, or stage of spiritual journeying.

No matter where you come from or where you’re going,
No matter what you believe or what you doubt.
No matter what you feel or don’t feel today.
You are welcome into this space to be met by
a God who knows you by name,
Who knows your heart, who knows your mind, and
Who wants to be in a relationship with you.


News, Notes, and Coming Events

Welcome! There will be one service this coming Sunday, January 30th, and it will take place at 9:30 followed by our annual meeting and a pot luck. The service will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page. If you are attending from home click here for the bulletin. And click here for our Facebook page.


Onsite Services: We must wear masks at all times inside the church for the time being. Safe distancing must be observed. While it is always wise to stay home when you are feeling cold or flu symptoms, it is especially important now if you have any symptoms for cold, flu or COVID-19. Possible COVID symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, night sweats, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, muscle or body aches, headaches, confusion, or loss of sense of taste/smell.


Click here for El Dorado County's COVID vaccine updates.


Coffee Hour:  We have a coffee hour after each service, with beverages only, served in disposable cups. Pull up a chair in the courtyard and visit. New coffee hostesses and hosts are now needed as we begin to gather. If you can help with a coffee hour, please speak up.


News from Bishop Megan: We are now authorized to offer Holy Communion in both kinds via “Clergy Intinction.” This is how it will work, at least to begin with. The priest, holding the blessed Body of Christ in wafers, will stand behind the altar rail, as usual, with the Eucharistic Minister holding the Chalice. The priest will in “intinct” – or briefly dip – the wafer into the blessed wine in the Chalice, and then place the wafer into each communicant’s cupped hands. Communicants will stand or kneel at the altar. You may also request “No intinction” to receive only the wafer.


Singing in Church and Physical Distancing: For now, we must wear masks. It follows Bishop Megan’s recommendations. We have ordered many masks, so if you don’t have or forget one, there will be one for you. And, please keep a pew apart as you join for worship. We can do this! We do it for the safety of others. El Dorado County has reported cases since the beginning of the pandemic. As of January 12, 175 of our neighbors have died from COVID, and most were in their prime of life. We have to be realistic about the climate around us.


Sunday School: Godly Play, a creative, imaginative approach to Christian formation and spiritual guidance on a Montessori style model. The Montessori style of teaching is so appealing. It is calm, interesting, and the student has the opportunity to have a 'hands on' experience with the lesson of the day. Please tell your friends and neighbors about this very special Sunday school. We want all children to experience the joy of knowing Christ’s message to the world.


Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday mornings: Women's Bible Study began with a new study with NT Wright's study of the book of John. If you would like to join us or have questions contact LeAnn Bettencourt at lkbett@live.com or at 644-4789.


A New Sacred Ground Circle Coming in January: SACRED GROUND is a race dialogue series designed for these times. The series is intended to bring a community together to participate in transformational conversations about race. Attention is given to the history of race and racism in America. Documentary films and readings focus on Indigenous, Black, Latino and Asian American histories, as well as recent thinking of scholars and practitioners of racial healing, racial equity, and whiteness.
SACRED GROUND is framed as a spiritual journey to help us hold and nurture the vision of Beloved Community.

This 2022 Sacred Ground Circle begins Thursday January 20, 2022. There is no charge for participation; however, participants will need access to a computer to attend sessions and access materials and will also be asked to read two books (available from libraries or online sellers—approximate total cost of less than $35). Facilitated by Sheryl and Dan Trainor. Call or email for questions and/or to register: 530-306-8487 or sheryl.ghcot@gmail.com


9:30 AM    Single Service followed by Annual Meeting and Potluck: We will worship together before the annual meeting.  This is the time when we review our past year, what we have accomplished and where we hope to go in 2022. You will hear from Rev. Debra with her Rector's report, your Senior and Junior Wardens, your Treasurer, and others. We also will be electing new vestry members. Reports from all our activities will be included in the Annual Report.  Bring your favorite potluck dish for our brunch after the meeting.


Saturday, March 26: 5:00 - 8:00 PM Thai dinner and Thai blessing ceremony hosted by Mark and Becky Leighton


Forward Movement Day by Day: The November - January issues are in and are available to pick up on Sunday.  If you would like one mailed to you, please contact LeAnn Bettencourt at 530-644-4789.



For those folks who lost their home or any structure over 120 sq/ft you must connect with the County's "After the Fire" Contact Us links. Click here for the County's "After the Fire" web page or here for the RIGHT OF ENTRY form information. The RIGHT OF ENTRY form must be submitted to get the state OFFICE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES to clean up your fire damage. 

After the Fire link

Right of Entry form link


  • DO NOT attempt to do the cleanup yourself.
  • DO NOT let your insurance contractor do it either.
  • IF THE STATE DOES THE WORK IT WON’T COST YOU. If the damage and debris have been touched the State won't do the cleanup and the cost will be on your shoulders.

Getting it in early will give them time to help you correct any errors.

If you know someone in this situation talk to them and share just how important this is.


Community Prayer Corner: Have you checked It out yet? We offer a place for folks walking by the opportunity to add their prayers. This painted rock is located by the front stairs to the church where there is also a basket of pens and strips of cloth to write on. Everyone is invited to pray silently and/or leave their written prayer on the front fence.


Discretionary Fund: Rev. Debra maintains a Discretionary Fund that she can use to provide assistance as needed. She can provide emergency assistance for food, transportation, and help with medical bills. The Vestry provides some funding for this every year, but additional donations would expand what Rev. Debra can do during the year. Donations may be made to Church of Our Saviour, with "Discretionary Fund" in the memo line.

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