No matter where you come from or where you’re going,
No matter what you believe or what you doubt.
No matter what you feel or don’t feel today.
You are welcome into this space to be met by
a God who knows you by name,
Who knows your heart, who knows your mind, and
Who wants to be in a relationship with you.

We respect the dignity of every human being by welcoming, validating, and supporting all persons, whatever their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, health status, physical ability, marital status, or stage of spiritual journeying.


Coming Up 

For your information

While all meetings, events, and Sunday services at the church are canceled until further notice, Reverend Deb is live-streaming the 10:30 am Sunday services as well as Holy Week services on the Church's Facebook page (Church of Our Saviour - Placerville). Click here for the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday bulletins.  NOTE: You do not need to have a Facebook account in order to view these videos. Please let Reverend Deb know if you have any questions.

If you need assistance:

For assistance such as grocery or medication pick up, please call Deacon Steve at 530-957-3516 or Rev. Debra at 530-848-7765.

If you need someone to talk you through setting up online ordering at Safeway or Raley's, please contact Leslyn Shortes at 530-409-7503.

Please also note: There is an update to the parish directory in the works. Send any changes to your contact information to the church at oursaviour.placerville@gmail.com.

Women’s Art Show for Advent

Welcome all artists! We are asking that you share your many talents to express the feeling and idea of Advent. We’re sure that Advent this year will hold a special meaning for all of us. Kathy Fritschi will be displaying our creations on October 1, 2020, in the Parish Hall.

All mediums are welcome, paper, canvas, clay, handwork, carving, sculpting, photography, poetry….. any of the many ways we express ourselves. Kathy is doing a portrait of herself and her favorite things, Sylvia and I are doing a fabric art piece, and Betsy may write a song.

Please let Kathy know how you want to participate. Contact her at (530) 651-4056 or t.fritschi@comcast.net.

We hold you all in prayer, Leslyn

  April 2020  
A Monk's Guidance

Over the years we have often spoken of the Inner Monk and the Monk in the World. With the coronavirus and enforced isolation, we now have an opportunity to live these teachings. Monasticism can guide us – Ora et Labora, Lectio, hospitality, solitude, rhythm and routine are sign-markers along this strange Camino we suddenly find ourselves walking together. A few random thoughts that may help:

1.  Have a daily plan, a routine or discipline. From my early Redemptorist novice days we had to make our beds and keep our rooms well ordered. This was re-enforced by the Camaldolese tradition of the sacredness of the cell as a place of, not only prayer, but of beauty and harmony. Pay attention to your living space, a vase of flowers, a lit lamp, a work of art.

2.  Monastery life requires showing up for prayer and meals a number of times each day – routines involving personal etiquette, hygiene and a dress code. It’s important we hold to some standard, even if living alone. It makes a difference as to how we feel about ourselves and how we approach the sacredness of the day.

3.  Plan your meals, even if from the freezer. Prepare them with care and attention. Dine at least once a day, not in front of the TV, but at a set table. Each meal is sacred, a gift from Mother Earth and a mini Eucharist.

4.  Stop four times a day for prayer. It doesn’t have to be long, but pause – Dawn, Day, Dusk, Dark – for a time of quiet – a poem, a Psalm or two, or the readings from the daily Liturgy. Light a candle or incense, touch the Presence within.

5.  Take a leaf out of the Shabbat tradition of our Jewish sisters and brothers. As one of your prayer times, preferably at Dusk, light a candle over bread and wine. Say the Offertory Prayer from Mass, which is actually an adapted Jewish Berakhot Prayer, “Blessed are you Lord God of all creation through your goodness we have this bread to offer...”

6.  Spend time daily in manual labor, cleaning, gardening, decluttering. Exercise is also a must.

7.  Hospitality is an integral part of monasticism. Welcome the feelings, fears, emotions that surface in you, (at this time they are myriad). Don’t suppress them, talk to them and to your inner child who is very frightened and confused. Reach out to others by phone, email, text, video chat and social media. Connect, encourage, listen and laugh. 

8.  Recreation is vital – watching Soaps, streaming, reading novels. But also sit and observe Spring/ Resurrection creeping forth despite the darkness.

9.  Finally, remember that monasticism has always believed it exists primarily to stand before Mystery on behalf of humanity. Humankind is being plunged into Good Friday, as ‘a monk in the world’ hold suffering humanity in quiet and place the sick, dying, grieving and dead into the heart of God who holds us all as Michelangelo’s Pieta Madonna holds her son.

Love, deep peace and courage,

Fr. Michael Fish


Placerville, California


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