Worship is the heart of our faith community. Drawing on the richness of our Anglican heritage in theology, liturgy, and music, we seek a closer relationship with God and each other as we gather to share the the love of God in word, song, and sacrament. While living within our tradition, we are open to new liturgical forms.

Sunday worship includes scripture readings, a sermon, hymns (at the 10:30 am service) and the celebration of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion). The word "eucharist" comes from the Greek word "thanksgiving." Jesus instituted the eucharist at the Last Supper when he shared the bread and cup of wine at a sacred meal with his disciples.


Sunday Mornings

Rite I Holy Eucharist (8:00 am): The Rite I Holy Eucharist service follows the more traditional service found in the Book of Common Prayer, with language similar to the King James version of the Bible. The sermon is geared toward adults. There is no music at this service.

Rite II Holy Eucharist (10:30 am): The Rite II Holy Eucharist service has traditional and contemporary music. The scripture readings are from the New Revised Standard Version. The 10:30 am service is live streamed on our Facebook page. If you will be attending from home for this week's service,  Click Here for the bulletin and Here for our Facebook page.

Coffee Hours: Please join us after each service in the Parish Hall (downstairs from the Sanctuary) for coffee and refreshments, where you will be greeted warmly.