Christine Leigh-Taylor

I am glad to call Our Saviour my church home. My husband, David Weber, and I have been living in the area since 2006, but I was commuting to Rancho Cordova to serve as the rector of St. Clement’s. I retired from that position at the end of August 2014.
Ministry with veterans, especially those who have been psychologically injured as a result of their military service, is one of my keen interests. In 2014 I founded and chaired for four years a veteran-led non-profit – Four Paws To Freedom – that trains veterans with their service dogs. A well-trained service dog can mean the difference between being too fearful to leave one’s home and the ability to lead a fairly normal life. On Veterans Day 2017 David Zelinsky and I, and several other people created El Dorado Veteran Resources, a non-profit that provides direct assistance and referrals to veterans and is staffed by volunteers. Our office is in the Veterans Memorial Building on Placerville Drive.

Prior to being ordained to the priesthood in 2002, I enjoyed a fulfilling 26-year career as an academic administrator with various campuses of the University of California. My last position, before I took early retirement to attend seminary, was Assistant Dean of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

David and I have three living children, Alexa, Peter, and Erec, all married, with two sons apiece! These grandboys range from 7 to 19. Our first child, Nicky, was born with a malformed heart, and died before his first birthday. UCLA is my undergraduate alma mater. I also have a masters degree in organizational behavior (it’s like psychology), and a master of divinity from CDSP, our Episcopal seminary in Berkeley. I earned a doctor of ministry degree from CDSP in Spring 2015, with a focus on veteran ministry.

Finally, I’m a native Californian, pretty much a green freak (we live in a straw bale house with a plant roof and solar panels, and I’ve been driving a Prius for 19 years), and I love music, art and building things.