Debra Sabino

To be honest, I never imagined I would be a priest, or have anything to do with religion. I was raised in a household where church attendance was an obligation, rather than a source of sustenance or joy. When I was 13, I was asked to leave the church because I asked too many questions. When learning about God, how can you have too many questions? How can you learn and grow in faith without asking questions?

As an adult many years later, I felt an unexpected call from deep within to seek a spiritual path. After a long and winding road, I found myself in seminary. My questions were encouraged and welcomed. Having the freedom to ask those questions led me to walk a path that resulted in my ordination.

I was ordained to the priesthood in 1999 and served parishes in Davis and Fairfield before coming to the Church of Our Saviour in 2014.  Prior to my ordination, I was the director of a pastoral counseling center in Sacramento, a hospice chaplain, and a family mediator.

I have been blessed with five children and four grandchildren. They share my passions of hiking, kayaking, surfing, and photography. My husband, Rob Sabino, is a music director of a Catholic Church.